Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy



We welcome any opportunity to tell people about our research. We want to answer your questions, and get feedback from members of the public.

We focus on research into synthetic biology, and translating that research into products which benefit the UK society and economy. 

Research does not occur in a social vacuum. We actively seek out and encourage dialogue between ourselves and other interested members of society.

We have close ties with researchers from:

Public events

We're involved in lots of public activities such as:

  • hands-on computer sessions with high school students
  • lectures and discussions with participants in the North East Centre for Lifelong Learning programme
  • presentations to the public as part of the SynBioNT Synthetic Biology Network

We're involved in the Research Councils’ Synthetic Biology Dialogue. This is a structured series of workshops involving members of the general public, synthetic biologists and social scientists.

In 2012 we hosted Newcastle artist Sneha Solanki. This was part of a project which led to the Super-Natural exhibit in the AV12 Festival at the VANE Gallery.

Get involved

If you would like to organise an event with us, or are simply looking for further information, please contact us.