Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy

Study with Us

Study with Us

Find out about opportunities for postgraduate study in synthetic biology.

Postgraduate student working at a computer in a lab.

Synthetic biology is a highly interdisciplinary field. Researchers need to be familiar with:

  • molecular and cellular biology
  • computer science and bioinformatics
  • ethical, legal and social issues
  • the principles of engineering

It is possible for motivated students to move into synthetic biology from any of these fields. The learning curve can, however, be steep.

Our degrees

MSc in Synthetic Biology

Students with an undergraduate degree in an appropriate area can take our one-year MSc in Synthetic Biology. 

You'll take taught courses covering the range of necessary basic skills. You'll complete a research project focusing on a specific problem. 

You can find entry requirements and details about how to apply on the online prospectus for MSc Synthetic Biology. 

There's also information on the School of Computing Science website.

PhD Studentships

You can apply directly for PhD studentships as they become available. You'll need an appropriate Masters-level qualification. 

Our researchers cover a wide range of research areas. Check the staff profiles of our researchers and contact those with similar interests to discuss the possibility of starting a PhD. 

Our PhD students have access to support and training both within the Centre and from the wider University community.

Facilities and support

You'll have access to excellent infrastructure, including wet lab and computational facilities

We offer access to our active expertise in all of the fields necessary for the practice of cutting-edge synthetic biology. 

We actively encourage students to:

  • interact with other students in both professional and social settings
  • establish strongly cohesive cohorts
  • set up peer mentoring systems

For more information about any of these study options, contact us.