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Dr Katherine James

Lecturer in Synthetic Biology


I am currently Lecturer in Synthetic Biology in the School of Computing at Newcastle University. I am based in the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems research group.

My research focuses on computational systems biology and the systematic integration of largescale data in order to characterise highly complex cellular systems and generate novel, testable hypotheses. My work involves bacterial genomics, non-model transcriptomics and metagenomics, and the development of algorithms for comparative interactomics. My main research focus is in evolutionary network re-wiring in bacterial and non-model eukaryotes.

Area of expertise: Integrative Bioinformatics, Comparative Interactomics, Systems and Synthetic Biology

Twitter: @KJames_IntBio


I am Degree Programme Director for MSc Bioinformatics, MSc Synthetic Biology and MSc Neuroinformatics

Module leader:

CSC8313 Bioinformatics Theory and Practice 2023-25

CSC8334 Contemporary topics in Bioinformatics 2024-25


CSC8333 Research Skills and group project for digital biology 2023-24

CSC8325 An Introduction to Bioinformatics Theory and Practice 2022-23

CSC8326 Advanced Bioinformatics Theory and Practice 2022-23