Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy

Staff Profile

Dr Leo Freitas

Senior Lecturer



I am interested in formal specification and verification of safety critical systems. In particular, the use of theorem provers and modelling tools. Earlier in my career I participated in the Grand Challenge in Software Verification working on: the Mondex Purse verification; verified NAND flash hardware and software; the Tokeneer ID station verification; etc. 

Since 2014, I've been involved in the dependability and design of safety critical medical devices. I worked with a novel neonatal heamodialyser through to certification, a brain pacemaker for epilepsy (and other brain ailments) control, and more recently a organ transplant preservation machine, which has become a University spin out (https://www.scubatx.com).

Since 2017, I started collaboration with EMVCo on the analysis of their new EMV2 payment protocol suite. I also worked with MasterCard on the verification/validation of their current NFC protocol. This has led to research interest and project in collaboration with the UK NCSC as a PhD studentship for the Payment Calculus project.


Research Interests

Formal specification and verification of systems through theorem proving and model checking.