Electron Microscopy Research Services

Acknowledgement Guidelines

Acknowledgement Guidelines

By acknowledging EMRS in your papers, posters and talks, you will help to ensure we continue to receive faculty subsidy and continue to offer excellent access rates.

The subsidies we receive from the Faculty of Medical Sciences allow us to offer our services at excellent prices. By acknowledging us in your papers, posters and talks, you'll help this continue.

Often, researchers feel it's not necessary to acknowledge the role of a core facility in their publications. They view it as a 'paid service'. But, in reality, the full cost of any scientific core facility is not passed on to the end user.

It's important that you recognise and acknowledge Electron Microscopy Research Services, just as you would any other external funding body.

The Faculty tracks publications containing data with direct links to EMRS usage. This is used as a metric of facility performance.

Any publication that includes data generated within EMRS should include the following sentence: “We acknowledge the Newcastle University EM Research Services for assistance with the generation of EM images.” Even without any help from members of our team, the reason our equipment is in good working order is because of their efforts and expertise.

If a member of our team has worked closely with you on a project it would be good practice to include their name in the acknowledgement section. In situations where they've made substantial intellectual input, you may want to offer them a co-authorship. This should be discussed at the earliest opportunity.

Anyone publishing data generated using the SBFSEM system must quote BBSRC grant reference BB/M012093/1 in the acknowledgement.


Using our Logo

You can use our logo in a talk or a poster for a conference. This is intended to be for acknowledgement purposes

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