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About me

Name: Kelly
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture and Urban Planning
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Hong Kong

Choosing Newcastle

I always wanted to study in a student city different from the place where I have grew up.  The degree that I am studying is closely related to the local community. It is a great experience for me to study and live in a Newcastle and to explore its culture. Newcastle has a rich history background for playing an important role in the Industrial Revolution, and its transformation into a commercial and educational city after the establishment of the University.  Being chosen as the best student city best explains the unique character of Newcastle in providing a great learning atmosphere and comfortable living environment in this energetic city.

Studying at Newcastle

I am glad to have chosen the course Architecture and Urban Planning. This course offers a wide range of approaches to study architecture and urban planning. Emphasising the idea of ‘alternative practice’, students are not limited to the single profession in architects’ or planners’ job, but given the opportunities to work in both fields to understand the cities. Diverse topics including architecture history, planning process, sustainability, urban design, etc. teach students about the relation between city, space and people.

My favourite module is the ‘Alternative Practice: European Fieldtrip’ in Stage 2. This is a one week field trip in the Netherlands. We had the chance to attend lectures and visit planning and architecture projects in different cities. Looking at the examples of what the alternative practitioners are working on in other countries inspires us in our upcoming projects as well as our career planning.

Teaching quality

I love the small class teaching. Design tutorials are in small groups. Design tutors gives good help in leading students through the design process. Lecturers and tutors are easily accessible for help.

Clubs and societies

There is a great variety of clubs and societies in the university for students. I have joined a few including the Rifle Club, Archery Club, Anglo-Chinese Society, Anglo-Japanese Society, the LINKS, and NUICEF on Campus. The sports clubs gives students a chance to learn one sport even if they are new to it.  Sessions are arranged in the evening in weekdays and in the afternoon in weekends. Members can easily spare some time to join the trainings. The cultural-based societies have regular socials as a great chance to meet up with friends. Special events are also held during festivals to experience more about the cultural difference between the British and the international students.

Living in Newcastle

I lived in the student accommodation when I was a fresher.  Student accommodation gives you a closer access to some of the university facilities such as sports centre and computer clusters. I now rent a flat in the city centre, which is 5 minutes’ walk from university. Newcastle is a student city and many properties are available as student flats.  

Student finance

It is not difficult to control your own finance.  Students can have a great variety of choice in shopping and dining. Dine out with friends or cook together in the kitchen- they are both enjoyable. Part-time job opportunities are available for someone who wish to earn more working experience.

Career aspirations

It is important that the university gives me the chance of getting to know more possibilities in the field between architecture and urban planning.  With the experience of studying overseas, I have learned so much in terms of the way of practice which is new to me. The degree inspires me in how to actively engage with the local community in order to do good planning for people. I will probably return to the university for my master degree in urban design or planning after my year out.