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Richard Davies scholarship

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Synthetic Biology MSc
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Why did you choose Newcastle University?

Newcastle University is one among the top universities providing an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Synthetic Biology at Masters level. Thus, laying the foundation to write a well-planned research project for PhD into Synthetic Biology. The University experts from various disciplines including Biological Engineering and Computer Science work together to fabricate commercially valuable products of Synthetic Biology like Biofuels, Biosensors, Bioremediation, etc. and hence provide a real-time research experience while undertaking postgraduate studies. The University has an extensive scientific and industrial network with SynbiCITE, ICOS, P&G, Nepic, Glythera, etc., leading bodies working into the field of Synthetic Biology in UK to fabricate programmable artificial cells, facilitate industrial networking and interaction with guest scientists opening a wider platform to keep up with the pace of development into Synthetic Biology.

The University also has an outstanding infrastructure with world-class microscopy and laboratory facilities proving no barrier to undertake a broad range of researches. The University is involved with Research Council’s Synthetic Biology Dialogue organising regular workshops bringing the beginners and the experts at one level for interaction and thus is the most promising university to study Synthetic Biology in UK.

Which scholarship did you receive and how will it benefit your studies?

I have been awarded with the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship worth 100% tuition fee waiver. The scholarship has enabled me to undertake my Master’s degree without a burden of fulfilment of a loan after my degree and therefore would allow me to prepare for my PhD later. 

How important was receiving a scholarship in your decision to study at Newcastle University?

Receiving a scholarship has always a greater advantage over a self-funded course, not only in terms of financials but also for the career ahead. The scholarship has enabled me to study in the UK thus opening the doors to a global career ahead.

What are you most looking forward to when you start your studies at the University?

I am very keen to learn my subject because it offers computational learning to a life science graduate which is definitely very rigorous but exciting as well. I also want to learn about the current researches going into the University and the guest lecture sessions which would showcase the current research into Synthetic Biology.

Advice for future students from your country

Before deciding to study into a University, give more weight to the modules you would study, how well connected the university is with the industrial sector for the subject of your study and how student friendly it is. Newcastle University has given most emphasis onto all this and therefore is among the one most welcoming university for students with updated and advanced courses offered to students.