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Student Profile

About me

Name: Natania
Course: Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Indonesia

Choosing Newcastle

I chose to study my postgraduate course at Newcastle University as it has a good reputation for education and I was really interested in the modules provided – the modules in innovation and creativity were really appealing.

Studying at Newcastle

I’m enjoying every module in my course because they teach me about how to start up a business and become a true entrepreneur with entrepreneurial skills. Since I’m the only Indonesian in the class, I have learned so much about diversity and culture through engaging with students from all over the world. I would definitely recommend my course to those who want to take further steps to ensure future success.

Being a postgraduate student has taught to be more organised. I make a timetable every day for my assignments to plan reading, writing, presentations and group work. However, being a postgraduate student doesn’t mean you’re always locked away studying! I’ve also engaged with my surroundings and socialised with others. This has given me the opportunity to develop and improve myself. To get the most out of the postgraduate experience you need to socialise and engage with others – it’s not just about the final mark!

Postgraduate Community

I love being in the hub on the fifth floor of the Business School, in the NUBS cafeteria and Robinson Library. In these places, I can get along with other students from different courses and have a nice chit chat! I’ve also attended organised events including a talk by Richard Branson. These events have helped to widen my experience and enhance my knowledge.

Career aspirations

I want to start up my own business in Indonesia, especially in a creative industry. Studying at Newcastle University has been valuable and advantageous, as the Business School focuses on creative entrepreneurs. I have learnt that before an idea can be turned into a reality you need to consider it from different, novel perspectives. I’m not sure what business I want to get into, but when I decide I feel ready to hit the ground running.

Living in Newcastle

I really enjoy going shopping in Newcastle, especially during sales season and with a student card, I can get additional discounts. I would recommend that my friends come to Newcastle to shop, because the stores have complete collections and perfect service. In my opinion, the service here is much better than in London!

Remembering Newcastle

The highlight of my postgraduate experience at Newcastle is having the opportunity to create my own business through the Business Enterprise module. This experience has helped me to foster my knowledge of starting up a business, marketing it and understanding finance. This experience is directly relevant to what I want to do following graduation.