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Lian Yi, student profile, Singapore

Student Profile

About me

Name: Lian
Course: Pharmacology BSc Honours
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Singapore

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle is a very beautiful city and the people here are very friendly. Newcastle has very good review of student studying experiences thus I chose to study here. 

Studying at Newcastle

My course is very interesting as I can get to do dissection on small animals like rats. My favourite module is animal handling.

Recommending Newcastle

I think that the teaching quality is of high standard. Lecturers listen to our feedback during our feedback session and alter their way of teaching for the better. Newcastle is a school with friendly lecturers and studying here is fun as there are many co-curriculum activities to participate in. Newcastle is a student orientated city. They give student discount at restaurants around the city and student get to benefit a lot from student promotion this city.

Clubs and societies

I am a member of Singapore society. I think that the society here is great as I get to know a lot of friends through the society and they organise many events for students to get to know each other and go out to have some fun together. 


I am staying in university accommodation at Richardson road. In my first month of arrival, I was staying at a private accommodation near quayside. I moved to university accommodation because it is more accessible for me to get to school. I think that finding accommodation here is easy as you can do it online. 

Student finance

I feel that as a student, most of us are not working thus cooking your meals is a very thrifty way for saving money. You can also find a part time job if you would like to get more money, I believe it will not be hard to get a part time job in Newcastle. 

Career aspirations

I hope that I can work in a hospital doing research. Newcastle provides a lot of fairs for job opportunities and I believe it helped a lot. Also, courses here are very hands-on thus I get to learn a lot of practical skills from it which is important for my future career.