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About me

Name: Lorena
Course: Civil Engineering BEng
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Romania

Choosing Newcastle

I wanted to study at a good university which isn’t in London or close by, due to high living costs.

Studying at Newcastle

The field trips and labs are my favourite part. It gives us a chance to see and try what we are actually studying, while consolidating the knowledge. I think my favourite module is Design of Sustainable Engineering System because it tries to reproduce the work of a designer by making us work in teams and design the details an actual project.

Student finance

Planning meals save not just money, but also food waste. Also, buying vegetables or meat that I can use in different dishes helps me to save money, while still having diverse meals over the course of the week. Moreover, I don’t remember the last time I had to throw away food.

Generally, the location of your house will dictate the price of it. Try different neighbourhoods before deciding on one. It isn’t just about how the house looks. You can always make it nice with a bit of inspiration and initiative.

As for funding my studies, I am using the Student Loan Company, like most other students.

Getting involved

I think it’s a great opportunity to try new activities, but also find people with similar interests and making friends for life.  I’m not a sporty person, so I usually join social societies. I never felt out of place at one of their socials and the people I met became some of my best friends.

Recommending Newcastle

Newcastle is a great university to study at. Everyone is friendly and helpful and you feel welcomed from the beginning. It’s in a great city, full of life at any time of the day and night. Everything is within walking distance and the rent is quite decent. Also, if you want a break from your life, you can just jump into the metro and go to the sea side in 30 mins and it’s one of the best revision/uni work break you can get, especially if it’s a sunny day. 

Career goals

My career goals is to become a chartered engineer and the University gives me the first help into achieving it by teaching me the basics of engineering. It tries to give us a realistic insight in what we could end up doing at our future jobs through projects or event like Access, where we met engineers from the field.