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About me

Name: Ebtihal
Course: E-Business (Information Systems) MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Libya

Choosing Newcastle

I chose to study this course at Newcastle University due to my enthusiasm, curiosity and interest in the E-Business world. I also believe that studying at a highly ranked university such as Newcastle University, on a course that combines my interests in business and enhances my computing skills, will help me improve and develop my interpersonal skills and career prospects, moving me towards my goal of obtaining a challenging job within the industry.

Studying at Newcastle

There were many areas of my course which I enjoyed, but what stood out the most were the teaching strategies, and how students were engaged in different ways within each module, especially in the business related modules. The course has helped me to develop many personal skills, such as critical thinking and communication skills, in addition to academic and industrial skills.

Studying at postgraduate level

There was a big difference between my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. My masters was a very intensive and advanced course, especially in the computing modules. The course builds upon my three years of undergraduate knowledge, and although I am from a computing background, I have been away from the industry for more than five years. I therefore needed to commit the time and effort needed to successfully meet the challenges of the computing modules at the beginning of the course. These modules were fast-paced and in-depth; spending extra personal time on these subjects ensured I got good results.

Postgraduate community

Being a student at Newcastle University Business School has been one of the most remarkable and enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Everyone is friendly, and in many modules we had opportunities to work in teams, which was very nice as it built friendships.

Living in Newcastle

I enjoy Newcastle as it is a calm and relaxed city. I enjoy the Quayside area with its very nice views, and spending time in the city centre and the metro centre as I love shopping! I live in the Gosforth area of Newcastle with my family and find that the cost of living in Newcastle is moderate compared to other UK cities.

Career aspirations

My career plan involves finding a good graduate job within this industry. Since starting the course I have also begun to contemplate self-employment. Attending various career events hosted by the university has inspired me to start my own business.