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About me

Name: Goh
Course: Politics BA
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Brunei

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle University due to its decent reputation both in my course and overall as a University. The size of the city also played a role as everything seems to be compacted into a small area which provides convenience.

Studying at Newcastle

The teaching quality is very good. Everything has been well structured and lecturers were all great at what they do. The in depth analysis of specific countries and their political structure are one of the things I enjoy about this course. My favourite module so far would be “The fall and rise of China” by Dr. Michael Barr.

Clubs and societies

There are a wide range of clubs and societies available to suit everyone’s interests ranging from outdoor activities to specific sports and cultural meetings. I have personally participated in one Caving event where we visit and explore caves and also a few Jujitsu classes to learn some martial arts. 

Living in Newcastle

I typically enjoy the laidback life in Newcastle and of course it’s nightlife which is without a doubt one of the most affordable ones. 

Career aspirations

As of now, there is a high chance for me to work under my government but as with most things, it may change and I personally love the idea of flexibility, being able to work in different environments and learn new things without always prioritising money. As far as I know, Newcastle University provides a wide range of services to help people in terms of career and that is quite helpful.