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About me

Name: Leon
Course: International Economics and Finance MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Germany

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle University because it has an internationally renowned Business School and provides a high standard of education. The Master’s degree for me seemed to be very fitting for what I want to do and also what I’m interested in. Because I studied Geography before undertaking this Master’s, with subsidiary subject in economics, it would have been hard to change my main subject in Germany and continue with a business related Master’s degree. However this programme is designed especially for students who come from a non-business background, which was good for me.

Furthermore the first thing I noticed was the international perspective of my degree, which in an increasingly globalised world has become more and more important. The second thing I noticed was the mixture of economics and finance, which isn’t a combination normally available in Germany.

Studying at Newcastle

I really like the study environment in Newcastle. The high standard of technical equipment and the University’s use of digital media (for example the university app) contribute significantly to good learning outcomes.

There isn’t much group work on my course, which is good for me. I enjoy learning about both economics and finance and developing an understanding of both and how they cross over. My favourite part of the course is learning about econometrics, which we have computer classes for.

The system in the UK is different to that in Germany, so it’s difficult to compare my experiences as an undergraduate and a postgraduate. The learning, to me, is more sophisticated here. The work load is manageable and I still have enough time to explore, meaning I have a decent work to life balance. My learning is very structured, but within the structures I find time for normal life too.

Postgraduate Community

There are loads of communities and student societies students can join. The Students Union also plans events and city trips where students can participate.

I mostly socialise with my flatmates, we’ve been on road trips, out for meals and obviously we go out for a few drinks every now and then! They’re all postgraduates so we’re all going through similar experiences which is good. I have also had the chance to meet undergraduates at the Social Tennis Society which has been a great experience.

Funding my studies

I received emails about funding opportunities before I came to Newcastle, and while I didn’t have to apply I was offered a Business Excellence Scholarship which reduced my tuition fees by £2,000. I am a self-funded student and get financially supported by my parents.

Career aspirations

I am not sure what I would like to do yet but I am seriously considering applying for a PhD programme either in Germany or abroad. Before that I am thinking of doing an internship in another country. I will be writing my dissertation on an area I’m very interested in, and the econometrics module offered on the course is helping me to decide which area I’d like to do my PhD in.


I am living in University-owned student accommodation – Leazes Parade. I was very happy about this offer, as it is not as easy to find a flat from Germany. Accommodation was easy to arrange, and I’ve been able to make the flat homely.

Living in Newcastle

I really like life in Newcastle. For me Newcastle is the perfect size for a student city and is not too big. Everything is within walking distance and the city has lots of beautiful green places and parks. I also like the Quayside, where you can just sit and relax. Also the countryside around Newcastle is astonishing. You can reach the seaside within 20 minutes by Metro and you can reach the beautiful English countryside in less than an hour by public transport. I also enjoy going to several pubs and clubs, of which Newcastle offers a lot.

The North East of England is beautiful and I’ve been on road trips to the surrounding area and up to Scotland which was a great experience.

Remembering Newcastle

The first two weeks of my time in Newcastle have been my highlight so far as the weather was great and everything was new! Other highlights were when my friends visited and the chance to go on a road trip with my flatmates.