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About me

Name: Loan
Course: Food Marketing and Nutrition BSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Vietnam

Choosing Newcastle

It is one of the few university in the UK that offers my course. At first I wanted to do Food Science, but then I saw Newcastle offered Food Marketing, along with maybe one or two other schools. Out of that list Newcastle sounded more appealing to me, so I placed it at my first choice. Also one of my English teachers is from Newcastle, he recommended the city so I listened to him. 

Studying at Newcastle

Newcastle University certainly offers very good teaching quality, I don’t think I could ask for more. The lecturers are willing to help if we need them. Information are widely available on Blackboard, with extra resources provided. 

I have never regret a minute taking on this course. Second year has been my favourite so far because the modules are more specific to my field, we get to study the more practical side of Food Science and Marketing. The most enjoyable thing is being in a class, having an interesting topic, greatly delivered. Modules like Nutrition, Society, and Ethics; Exploring new product development, and Nutrition in the Life cycle are the ones that I find great interest in.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is a charming combination of the busy city life and the peaceful countryside. Being a city girl, I can’t imagine myself living in a rural area. Newcastle’s center is not massive, but it has this lively vibe that keeps you going. I live 20 minutes away from the city yet my area is quite, green and grassy. And I like it. There are plenty of parks and fields around for when you need a break or a good run on a sunny day; but you’ll never be too far from the city  

Clubs and societies

You can always find something that suits you as there are so many societies out there. It really is a good chance if you’re looking for something new to try out; or meeting people who share the same hobbies and chat for hours. I’ve joined loads, mostly food related, like the Food society, sankirtana (meditation, where you get free, delicious Indian food every week), Vietnamese society..

And trust me, you have to join the student farm, one of the best memories I had in Newcastle is this farm.


 I lived in Castle Leazes in first year. I had a good time. I guess I was lucky to have a slightly bigger room on the 8th floor, from where I could see both sunrise and sunset everyday, couldn’t ask for more . 

Career aspirations 

I want to work in product development in a vegan/ethically valued company. Preferably opening my own later on.
With my degree I can work anywhere in the food industry. The business and science sides of this course enable me to do so. I am offered as much help as I can get from my teachers academically and career-wise. The careers service has been really helpful as well.