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About me

Name: Mary
Course: Media, Communications, and Cultural Studies
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: USA

Choosing Newcastle

I had a friend who was born in the region, who suggested Newcastle when I indicated a desire to study overseas. Upon further investigation I learned of Newcastle’s academic reputation as a superior place of learning.

I was also intrigued by the city’s size, which is big enough to afford you the opportunities that a much larger area presents, yet small enough so as not to feel overwhelmed. 

Studying at Newcastle

The course work you’ll be studying are things that will help you find a career and help you find success. You will find everything you need to thrive in Newcastle, in both the University and surrounding community.

I find the instructors well versed in their subject matter. They are able to give us real life examples of how we’ll put our studies to use. We learn about the practical application of the things we hear about in lectures.

I love the fact that my course is still relatively new and small in number of students. My favourite module would have to be the Business Enterprise module because it enabled us to entirely open up our own business of choice!

Student life

Newcastle has everything you’d find in a much larger city: cultural and sporting events; a great restaurant and nightlife scene; affordable and comfortable housing; and great access to the rest of England, Scotland and points beyond.

There are over also 100 clubs and societies that you can here at Newcastle University, so there is truly something for every one. Being a member of the surfing society, I am able to catch a break from the books and head over to the beach just 25 minutes away to catch a few waves with some mates.


After living my first year on campus in Marris House, I moved out with my same flatmates to a private flat in Jesmond. I love Jesmond in that it is a family neighbourhood but has many other university students living there. It’s also quite convenient to access the metro to get to and from University.

Career aspirations

After the completion of my Master’s degree I would like to join environmental firms as a solution provider. After graduating, I see myself in a career where I’m able to use my communication skills, which have been enhanced whilst in Newcastle.

The wide variety of students from all over the world has opened by eyes and possibilities to a number of markets I may not have ever considered before. I have made lifelong friendships which people who I’m certain will open up career possibilities in places I may have never dreamed of in the past.