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About me

Name: Ohoud
Course: Architecture, Planning and Landscape MPhil, PhD
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Jordan

Choosing Newcastle

When I decided that I wanted to do a PhD, I wanted a supervisor who specialised in my subject. I met my supervisor at a conference back in Jordan, we started emailing and we agreed that I should pursue a proposal with him. My supervisor specialises in my theme of research, internationally no one is as specialised as he is – especially in non-Western studies. He turned out to be working at Newcastle University.

Studying at Newcastle

It has been hectic in terms of studying, preparing and writing my proposal, which has meant that it can be quite slow in terms of being a bit limited in terms of socialising due to the amount of work I’ve been doing. I do, however, socialise with people within my study cluster.

Being a postgraduate is a lot more demanding on your time, and it requires you to have a mental game of being on top of things.

We have the Research Training Programme offered by HASS faculty, there are different modules which are multi-disciplinary and very interactive where you have the opportunity to be involved with different kinds of thinking.

Postgraduate community

I feel like part of a postgraduate community through the HASS research training programme and my School also has a lecture series. It has been a great experience meeting people from such diverse cultural backgrounds which exposed me to different interpretations, ideas and outlooks on life!.

Funding my studies

I am self-funded which is a challenge, however it’s driving me forward to get my degree.

Career aspirations

I would like to get a good position in an internationally renowned Architecture or Urban Planning company. My degree will help an Urban Planning career as it can position me as a senior urban planner responsible for carrying out research, a PhD is key for attaining this position.


I am currently living in family accommodation which has provided me with a great community atmosphere and makes being away from home easier. I live in Bowsden Court which is very accessible. It was easy to organise this accommodation, the University website is very user friendly and they emailed me with notification when I was offered accommodation.

Living in Newcastle

It has been challenging weather wise! However, it is a friendly and smooth-running city in all aspects ranging from its public transportation to its lovely and welcoming people.

Although I don’t go out a lot I enjoy the facilities for kids. My daughter really enjoys the Hancock Museum, the Centre for Life and Seven Stories. I also like that Newcastle is so near to Durham.

Remembering Newcastle

I will definitely remember Newcastle for its cheerful and most helpful community, its shy sunny days and wonderful landscape.

My highlight so far has been a workshop which one of my supervisors organises; here his group of PhD students come and discuss their work. This is eye opening as you can see how other people all think in the same discipline.