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About me

Name: Raslana
Course: Architecture, Planning and Landscape MA
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Kazakhstan

Choosing Newcastle

Before applying to Newcastle University, I did some research on different universities in UK. I was interested in architecture, in particular the issue of globalisation in developing countries, regulation and frameworks. I found that the Newcastle University modules were suited and attractive to me. I am glad to be a Newcastle University student. I am thankful to be surrounded by professionals who share their unique experience and knowledge.

Studying at Newcastle

Some of the most interesting things that we study are the economic and environmental issues, alongside others, that are related to buildings.

I would strongly recommend this course to my friends and colleagues as it is an excellent opportunity to learn something new.

Being a postgraduate student is a challenge, but it gives you the opportunity to study in-depth the issues that you are interested in on the way to achieving your goal.

Postgraduate Community

I make use of the Robinson Library and feel part of its community. The facilities here are very comfortable, whether studying individually or as a group, you have all of the necessarily equipment and private study rooms. The friendly staff also help with any queries.

Funding my studies

I am a sponsored student. I won the prestigious Kazakhstan Bolashak International Scholarship. I am proud of to be part of a great project that gives the talented youth of Kazakhstan the opportunity to obtain an education at one of the world’s top universities.

I did receive information about funding from the University; Student Services at Newcastle University are so well organised. They always provide you with full information on what you need.

Career aspirations

Studying at Newcastle University has acted as a precursor for realising that I want to continue my research activity. After graduation I am going to pursue a PhD.


I used to live in University accommodation and I have to admit that it was the most memorable time of my life. I lived with people from different countries and cultures and for the first time in my life I was part of a diverse society. This has allowed me to make friends, which has opened up new avenues. As I had already lived in University accommodation I decided to try something new. So, currently, I am privately renting an apartment with my friends. This was very easy to arrange and I used a city centre/quayside agency.

Living in Newcastle

I like that everything is so close to University and the thing that I like most is the night bus for students, which is provided by NUSU. It is very convenient during the exam period when you have to digest books till midnight.