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Jagoda Trella

Choosing Newcastle

I looked around other Universities but when I came to the open day for Newcastle University, I knew it was the one for me. The welcoming atmosphere and exciting feel about the University made me love it above every other and is why it became my first-choice university.

On my visit, the tour guide who showed us around campus was so passionate about Newcastle and the opportunities it gave her. The beautiful sights of the Architecture building and the arches within the University still remind me of how amazed I was walking through the campus.

A city-centre university campus was always something I looked for when choosing which Universities to apply for, and Newcastle University could not be better located. With a campus at the heart of a lively, stunning city, you can’t go wrong. Whether you need to nip into town in-between lectures or head for some lunch with friends, Newcastle has you covered.

Jagoda Trella

The course

The structure of the course is excellent and follows a logical order. Although the course does not include individual modules, rather one integrated module, the different disciplines integrate together well.

The teaching is split between lectures, workshops, seminars and tutorials allowing students to get the most of learning in different ways. Putting the taught materials into practice in clinical skills sessions and on placements really enforces the knowledge and creates a unique learning experience. Regular hospital placements encourage us to become more confident, enhance patient communication and are a key element within the course itself.

The teaching staff are always there to answer any questions you may have or explain something you didn’t understand. They care about the students so much and really want us all to do well.

The facilities

The School of Pharmacy is based in the King George VI building which is directly opposite the Royal Victoria Infirmary, allowing easy access to get to hospital placements. The building is our ‘home’ and contains lecture theatres and laboratories, as well as smaller seminar rooms, all with disability access. In the Medical School we learn clinical skills, study anatomy, and have access to the medical library with many study spaces – allowing both silent study and collaborative study. Overall the facilities are great to study pharmacy.

The City

Newcastle is a very student-friendly city with a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants in and around the city centre, vibrant both day and night. There are the expected high-street shops, but also a huge number of independent shops and cafes tucked away in many of the small side streets. A highlight is the Grainger Market, an excellent indoor mix of shops and stalls for getting fresh produce at a cheap price. However, the Quayside still remains my favourite part of Newcastle with the many stunning bridges and views across the River Tyne.

Student accommodation

Student accommodation at Newcastle is both affordable and modern and most is within walking distance to campus making them very convenient too. Many students will tell you that living in student accommodation can be a great way of making new friends and branching out across the diverse University.

Spare time

In my spare time, I am usually in the gym or running. I am part of the Athletics and Cross-Country Club at University where I learn to push myself and have made great friends. I also have a part-time job alongside University which helps me out financially and makes me manage my time better.

Anything else you might want to mention?

At Newcastle University, the PARTNERS programme helps supports entry into higher education by lowering the condition offer entry requirements. I came into the University through this scheme after successfully completing the summer school. This helped take off some of the pressure of A-Level exams and gave me peace of mind that I was more likely to get my first-choice University. The summer school itself taught me some valuable skills which helped me settle into the University. The programme is definitely worth looking into.

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