Student Regulations, Terms & Conditions

Student Regulations, Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The University has Terms and Conditions which create a positive environment for learning and academic achievement.

A contract is initiated between the applicant and the University at the point when the offer of a place at the University is accepted by an applicant.

By accepting the offer of a place at the University the applicant agrees to follow the University’s‌ Terms and Conditions 2019‌ (PDF 299KB) once they are registered.

Before you can register you will be asked to accept the University Rules, Regulations and Procedures contained in the Student Declaration when you log in to the Student Self Service Portal.

By accepting the offer of a place at the University and agreeing to the Student Declaration at registration, you are agreeing to follow the University Regulations, Policies and Procedures.

Look at all the regulations before you arrive, in particular:

Student Charter

Our vision is of Newcastle as a civic university with a global reputation for academic excellence.

Profound challenges confront societies in the UK and throughout the world, and addressing those challenges has brought an enhanced sense of purpose and focus to our work. 

This commitment to ‘Excellence with a Purpose’ is reflected in our key aims, which are:

  • to be a world-class, research-intensive university
  • to deliver teaching and facilitate learning of the highest quality
  • to play a leading role in the economic, social and cultural development of the North East of England

Students are key partners in achieving these aims because University success depends upon student success. To encourage student success, the Student Charter is a summary of commitments that have been agreed by the University community and signed off by the Vice-Chancellor and the President of the Students’ Union.

The Student Charter has been developed after detailed review and consultation with key academic staff and Students’ Union representatives. Important appendices to the Student Charter are the Supplementary Statements of Student Rights and Responsibilities which are included in the Student Charter‌ (PDF).

The principles apply to all students, regardless of their course or mode of study or location. However, there are particular provisions at NUMed. Although not all services and facilities outlined in the charter may be available for students at NUMed, students and staff at NUMed are expected to follow the spirit of the charter. Where applicable, similar or equivalent services are made available at NUMed. For example, at NUMed we have a Students’ Council, which meets some of the responsibilities and role of the Students’ Union in the UK.

Pick up a copy of the Student Charter booklet from Student Services in King's Gate from September 2019

The Student Charter was last updated: July 2019

Student Declaration

To register at the University, you must accept the following declaration. This is done as part of the online registration system.

‘I hereby promise to conform to the discipline of the University and to all statutes, regulations and rules in force for the time being in so far as they concern me’.


‘I have read the University’s Student Privacy Notice and understand how my personal data will be used, as outlined in the notice’.


‘I acknowledge that as a student of Newcastle University I must:

  • Promptly advise the University of my Home and Term Time Addresses and telephone numbers, including prompt notice of any changes.
  • Promptly advise the University of any changes in my personal circumstances that affect my ability to study.
  • Promptly notify the University if I am away from study for more than 3 consecutive days.
  • Promptly report to the School if requested to do so.
  • Not engage in any activity that may be a criminal or civil offence in the UK.
  • Promptly pay any monies due to the University.
  • Regularly check my University email account.’


‘I acknowledge that as an international student of Newcastle University I must:

  • Promptly present my passport and/ or other visa related documents for checking when requested by the University.
  • Not exceed my legal entitlement to work in the UK.
  • Seek advice from Newcastle University if I need to renew my student visa.
  • Keep Newcastle University updated if I renew my visa or if my visa application is rejected or refused.’

‘I acknowledge that Newcastle University, under the terms of its licence from the UK Home Office, may be obliged to report to the UK Home Office any of the following circumstances:

  • If I do not fully complete my registration requirements.
  • If I transfer my programme.
  • If I stop attending my programme without good reason.
  • If I stop attending my programme and do not keep my School/Institute informed.
  • If I withdraw from my programme.
  • If I take a leave of absence from my Programme.
  • If my application to the University is discovered to be materially incorrect.
  • If any identity documents that I present to the University are fraudulent or out of date.
  • If I am discovered to be in breach of any other terms of my student visa.
  • If I change my study location to be outside of Newcastle.’

‘I acknowledge that as a consequence of reporting some of the items noted above, Newcastle University may also be required to terminate my registration.’

‘I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to maintain appropriate immigration permission to remain in the UK for the purposes of study. If I fail to maintain appropriate immigration permission, I understand that my registration at Newcastle University may be terminated.’

‘I acknowledge that Newcastle University has the right to contact the UK Home
Office to resolve any queries on my immigration status.’

You should note that all University Regulations are available online. Your attention is particularly drawn to the University General Regulations, programme specific regulations and the Student Charter.

Student Transfer Arrangements

This information outlines arrangements for students wishing to transfer to Newcastle University, between courses here at Newcastle University or to another institution.

Student Transfer Arrangements

Students should always investigate the financial implications of any change to their studies before deciding to proceed. Anyone wishing to transfer to Newcastle University should speak to their current institution or funding authority for guidance.

Support in making decisions regarding course transfers is available to registered Newcastle University students from the Student Health and Wellbeing Service, Careers Service or Student Advice Centre.