Behaviour, Ecology & Conservation

Global change is occurring at an unprecedented rate. We need to understand how animals use their environments, and are affected by environmental change, in order to protect species and develop conservation strategies.

The Centre is equipped with a suite of climate-controlled laboratories for behavioural and physiological studies on birds. These, coupled with field studies using the latest technology, allow us to study the impact of climate and other environmental change on bird behaviour and physiology.

CBE members study the behaviour and ecology of farmland birds, at field sites both here and abroad, with the specific aim of developing sustainable farming systems that enable these birds to thrive alongside modern agricultural practices.

CBE members also use state-of-the-art techniques, such as satellite telemetry, stable isotopes and heart-rate monitors, to remotely monitor spatial movements and energy expenditure of animals as varied as cows and puffins in their natural environments. This data can inform conservation policies and practices.

Staff Profiles

Behaviour, Ecology & Conservation

Dr Richard Bevan

Professor Mark Whittingham
Professor of Applied Ecology