About Us

The work of the the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLaT) builds on the work of two previous research centres in the former Department of Education: the Centre for Teaching for Understanding and the Thinking Skills Research Centre. CfLaT was established in 2002. It is embedded in the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences (ECLS). It has established itself as a driving force behind teaching, learning and curriculum innovation and as a foundation for research capacity building across the School and the Faculty.


CfLaT is committed to the creation and translation of knowledge about teaching and learning in a range of contexts: schools, universities, workplaces, families and communities. We believe that collaborative partnerships and equality between the different sectors on which we have impact is essential. These relationships are based on a reflective research cycle (which mirrors an effective teaching and learning cycle), operating between the Centre and educational practitioners and stakeholders. The output of this process is the co-creation and transformation of knowledge. In this way we facilitate the development of understanding of learning and teaching as well as an appreciation of how research on learning and teaching can support this process.

To download a poster detailing the general work of CfLaT, please click here.

We are concerned to create and utilise activity and working spaces in which we and our partners can reshape thoughts and practices. These are achieved via a series of linked communities of practice, within the university and beyond, structured around project and consultancy work, debates about research methods and epistemology and a range of dissemination strategies. Effecting change in learning and teaching requires an understanding of the connections and dissonance in systems and the iterative development of theoretical and practical knowledge. Our work is exemplified by some of recent high profile projects that relate to the following themes:

In addition to these areas of research, CfLaT conduct work on several key themes which cut across these areas and our projects: