News and Events

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Staff in the Centre work hard to create and promote a vibrant research culture which helps to facilitate and enable researchers at all stages of their research careers through events and activities including:

Research Teas: These encourage dialogue with other researchers in the university and enable newer members of staff to informally present ideas and work in early stages, kick around outcomes and methods, and relate research to teaching. For details of our Research Tea Programme, please click here.

Research Seminars: The Education Section Research Seminar Programme is funded through the School research budget, and includes both visiting speakers or research fellows and speakers from within CfLaT and the Education Section at Newcastle.

Publication Launches: Various publications have been officially launched by the Centre, please click here for details.

National Conferences and Seminars: CfLaT have successfully ran three national conferences in March 2007 and 2008, and May 2009, in addition to a number of national Seminars. For details of both past, and future events, please click here for details.

Research Away Days: Centre and Associate members meet once per term for an Away Day, which is a forum where we meet to review (and celebrate) the year’s progress towards targets and goals, and to review - and modify - medium and long-term strategies. The focus of each day varies, but can typically include a review of Research Plans, identification of partners and strategic planning of funding applications, bid and publication writing.

Guidance Group Meetings: These monthly meetings (the first Wednesday of every month, 12 noon in room 2.50) are attended by a selection of CfLaT members, each representing a different working area of the School. The Group discusses issues such as the Centre Business Plan, possible Fellows and visiting speakers.

Bid Writing Group Meetings: Held fortnightly, 10am in Room 2.50, KGVI Building, the Bid Writing Group (BWG) supports the whole process of bid writing, making available the experience of the research staff team and senior academics to both newer researchers and those with other burdensome responsibilities, acting as both support (re university procedures/costing systems and colleagues chipping in components of bids) and apprenticeship through collaborative participation. The Group also takes a strategic approach to developing bids and is proactive as well as reactive. For details of these meetings, please contact Jill Clark.

Paper Writing Group Meetings: Held fortnightly, 10am in Room 2.50, KGVI Building, (alternative dates to the BWG) , the Paper Writing Group (PWG) supports the whole process of paper writing. The aim is to bring colleagues together in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment to discuss the issues around writing journal articles. Ultimately, the longer-term aim is to encourage colleagues to write high-quality papers in peer-reviewed, high impact journals. However, more specifically, the issues discussed can include:

• Getting started – which journals are the best suited to my research?

• Writing strategically – is there a paper which can be written which brings several pieces of research together? Can something be written conceptually around a particular methodological approach?
• Editorships – what expertise/experience do we already have? How do we get on review or editorial boards?
• Buddying/mentoring - How can we support less experienced colleagues in starting to write?

For details of these meetings, please contact Karen Laing..

Staff PhD support group: Staff working towards a PhD by publication meet the first Wednesday of every month to offer advice and mutual support, and share knowledge and experience. Staff value these meetings which are well attended by CfLaT members; several of whom are registered for a PhD by publication. For details of these meetings, please contact Jill Clark.