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News & Events

News and Events

Here you will find detail of our latest news, forthcoming events and regular activities.

  • Entrepreneurial Competences for School Leadership Teams

    Sue Robson, Rene Koglbauer, Ulrike Thomas and Anna Reid from CfLAT and North Leadership Centre, Newcastle University, led an Erasmus+ project ‘Entrepreneurial Competences for School Leadership Teams’ (2014-2016).

    published on: 18 April 2017

  • Demographics, short-term memory, and aphasia: Insights from the Aphasia Bank

    A task that is routinely used by different clinicians (speech & language therapists, psychologists, neurologists) to evaluate the ability of adults with aphasia (the language deficit often associated with stroke) to remember spoken information for a brief period of time is the so-called word-span task.

    published on: 6 April 2017

Regular activities

CfLaT staff work hard to create and promote a vibrant research culture. Researchers enjoy related events and activities including:

Guidance Group Meetings

These meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month, at noon in room 2.50, KGVI Building.

Bid Writing Group Meetings

These fornightly meetings are held at 10.00 in room 2.50, KGVI Building. For details contact Jill Clark.

Paper Writing Group Meetings

These fortnightly meetings are held at 10.00 in room 2.50, KGVI Building (alternative weeks to the Bid Writing Group). For details contact Karen Laing.

Staff PhD support group

Staff working towards a PhD by publication meet the first Wednesday of every month to offer advice and mutual support, and share knowledge and experience. For details, please contact Jill Clark.