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From the RMS Titanic to a new medical technology, find out how we helped turn an idea into a product.

Armatrex: expanding foam splints

Armatrex Ltd is a company that utilises expanding foam polymers for the use of emergency response casts, supports, and splints.

Not only are the commercial uses of expanding foam technology widespread, but they’re also:

  • low-cost
  • lightweight
  • easily operated by a non-technical person

Armatrex’s device, once activated, provides a bespoke-fitting support to both the casualty and their unique injury. The SME has developed an incredible product. One that could revolutionise the way emergency response teams currently work.

The challenge Armatrex faced was improving their foam system so it could be deployed at the point-of-care when required, but remain robust in transit. The SME found it critical to use Newcastle University’s technical expertise to develop their device. Particularly as their own team lacked anyone with experience in material science.

Stages of product development process

Following an initial scoping exercise, Armatrex and the Arrow Team explored the opportunities at hand. They were then able to establish how the University could best work with such a niche product.

  • planning required resources and support facilities
  • budgeting required consumables and technical services
  • prototype development and testing
  • reporting milestones and final report summary

Armatrex were able to apply the knowledge and talent of Newcastle University academics to take their vision and turn it into a reality.