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Arrow Success Stories

Losing a friend or family member is already a difficult time. Settld helps to remove the added anxiety from end-of-life admin when a loved one has died.  

What is Settld?

Settld is a solution to the added stress of end-of-life admin when a loved one has died.  

Instead of spending weeks, months, and even years trying to settle accounts of a loved one, Settld transforms the process of closing, transferring, and amending multiple accounts into one single online form. The company then notifies all the businesses listed, follows up delays, and updates the contact regularly with its progress. 

The service is free for members of the public. 

It’s a fully transparent way for members of the public to neatly tie up end-of-life admin, allowing loved ones to spend less time with companies and account managers, and more time with family, sharing memories, and learning how to move forwards. Removing stress and anxiety is one of their key goals. 

Founded from a place of experience 

Settld was founded from an experience of family loss. 

Mother and daughter founders, Julie Wilson and Vicky Wilson, were still grieving when they began notifying businesses of their mother-in-law and grandmother’s death. Despite her living a relatively simple offline life, it still took over six hours on the phone and a further eight weeks of emails and letters to settle her affairs. 

It was an upsetting and time-consuming task for them both. 

“You shouldn’t have to say ‘my grandma has died’ that many times.” 

Vicky Wilson, CEO, Settld 

Settld’s founders set out to create a simple, secure service, to notify all companies of a loved one’s death and keep updated on account progress in a single place. 

Fourteen months later, and Settld is proud to be making things easier for bereaved people, service providers and professionals across the UK. 

What is Arrow?

The Arrow Programme helps small to medium sized enterprises in the north east to develop truly innovative products and services. More than 150 companies have already benefited from the Arrow Programme. 

The team help businesses to access a bank of academics, researchers, and industry experts to provide insight and expertise in a range of research and from product development and testing, to data analysis and artificial intelligence. 

If the programme can’t find the right expert for a company, it can offer up to £10,000 match funding to help access specialist support. 

Arrow and Settld

In supporting Settld, the Arrow team sat down with the company to discover what issues needed to be solved. 

Arrow directly helped Settld to fund the development of their minimum viable product. The programme also helped match the company with expert developers and ensured that Settld got the best service they could for their funding. 

“I would genuinely recommend working with Arrow. If there’s anything they can do to help, they genuinely want to and they really will.” 

Julie Wilson, HR and Co-Founder, Settld 

Arrow’s grant funding contributed to Settld winning two Innovate UK competitions and further seed funding to fuel future development.  

What’s next for Settld?

Following on from its increasing profile in the UK, Settld has plans to expand its work internationally. 

The company also plans to build a holistic pre-death portal to further manage the process of end-of-life experience for members of the public, businesses, and professionals.