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Net Zero RISE

Research Infrastructure for Subsurface Energy: an academic-industry partnership to deliver the UK’s first deep test sites.

Net Zero RISE is an academic – industry consortium. It brings together Newcastle, Oxford and Durham Universities with industry partners, Third Energy and IGas.

Our aim is to repurpose existing onshore oil and gas infrastructure (deep wells) as test sites. We will explore the challenges and opportunities for subsurface technologies to meet Net Zero.

These facilities will speed up the understanding and commercial development of subsurface technologies. They will do this by:

  • providing safe, accessible, and cost-effective facilities
  • innovating, developing and testing technologies
  • exploring carbon storage, hydrogen storage and geothermal exploitation

How we can work together

Through our Net Zero RISE partnership, we will

  1. Increase the scale and accelerate the pace of the UK’s deep testing facilities for subsurface technologies.
  2. Build a strong scientific evidence base to benefit and advance UK competitiveness in energy storage, carbon sequestration and geothermal exploitation
  3. Support the UK Supply Chain through data acquisition, R&D and training
  4. Support academic research

Rather than building new infrastructure for research, the most sustainable way to test technologies at depths, pressures and temperatures is to take advantage of existing capital investments, and repurpose existing deep onshore wells.

John Loughead, former Chief Scientific Adviser, UK Government BEIS

Our ambition

This is the most cost-effective way of developing the UK’s first deep test site onshore.

Repurposing wells leverages previous capital investment. Using an onshore site with existing wells and geophysical data:

  • eliminates the major cost of drilling and engineering
  • reduces uncertainty by drawing on knowledge of the well and surrounding geological conditions
  • is safer and easier access than offshore locations

We propose developing three test sites:

Join the partnership

The NetZero RISE partenrship includes:

Academic Partners

Industrial Partners

Would you like to be part of the Net Zero Rise partnership? Can you help develop our knowledge base and grow supply chains?

We’re looking for partners from across the public sector, industry and academia to join us. Together we can achieve the ambition of developing the UK’s first deep test site capable of accelerating the subsurface science, technology and engineering solutions needed to meet Net Zero in the UK.