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Hybrid Layer-by-Layer Deposition System for Thin Film Fabrication

You can license our technology for a hybrid thin-coating manufacturing system that integrates dip and spray technologies.

Interest in Layer-by-Layer film deposition has grown in recent years. The technique can develop thin film layers on the micro- and nano- scale. This shows promise for applications such as optics, catalysis and tissue engineering.

There are several Layer-by-Layer methods including:

  • dip
  • spray
  • spin
  • electromagnetic
  • fluidic

Each of these processing procedures has advantages and disadvantages. Technique selection can force dufficult choices between layering speed, efficiency, manufacturing cost and potential applications.

To address this challenge, we have developed a hybrid thin-coating manufacturing system. It integrates dip and spray technologies to produce films on the nano- and micro- scale for a wide range of industrial applications.

The combination of these two techniques into one apparatus enables a great reduction in the time required to build up multiple layers while maintaining the same film properties achievable with the dip coating process.


Specific benefits of the technology over the existing systems include:

  • Greatly reduced coating time
  • High levels of film homogeneity achieved
  • Wide material selection
  • High coating stability
  • Coating of 2D and 3D substrates

This technology has wide ranging applications in:

  • Orthopaedic Engineering
  • Biomedical and Tissue Engineering e.g. drug delivery, biomolecules
  • For plastics and electronics, e.g. conductive or insulative surfaces
  • Optical, e.g. UV-absorbent coatings
  • Chemical and Catalytical e.g. self-cleaning surfaces
  • Protective coatings e.g. antimicrobial surfaces

Our laboratory that developed this technology has expertise in the nanocoatings and materials processing for biomedical applications.

The team specialises in Layer-by-Layer assembly for:

  • promoting cellular interactions
  • synthesis of biomaterials and biointerfaces
  • Biofabrication of 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering

Intellectual Property Status

This technology is patent protected.

  • Thin Film Fabrication apparatus and method technology
  • WO2021079106A1
  • Publication Date: 29th April 2021
  • Applicant: University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • View on Google Patents


  • Dr Gertaint lewis