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Hub for Digitally Enabled Care Everywhere

Transforming heath and care through data-led and digital health innovation.


The Digitally Enabled Hub, for Care Everywhere (the DigECarE Hub) will be the first building at the Health Innovation Neighbourhood. Acting as a gateway to the site, The Hub will deliver research into digital technology for care delivery and create partnerships with commercial ventures and SME’s.

The building will also support local community needs, consisting of community accessible facilities, a café, and spaces for digital learning, alongside training suites and office facilities.

New technologies in digital care will inspire longer, healthier lives by connecting world-leading research in ageing with underserved communities.

The investment opportunity focusses on data-led and digital health innovation. It draws together:

  • inter-disciplinary research expertise
  • commercial partners
  • clinicians
  • local community

We want to develop new approaches to improving quality of life. This will be through discovery, development and evaluation of new approaches to reduce health inequality.

An architectural image showing how the Hub building may look. (Credit: GSS Architecture. Note: subject to planning)

Project aims

The health of the population in the North East of England is worse than the geographic comparators. There is both reduced life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. Reduced healthy life expectancy is even worse in under-served groups and has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

These health disparities impact adversely upon wellbeing, health and social care services, retirement age, and economic productivity.

The primary aim of this project is to address these health and care disparities.

The objectives are:

  1. Advance the concept of "care everywhere" using digital tools
  2. Deliver the best facilities and infrastructure embedding “co-location to facilitate co-creation”
  3. Use existing and new data to support modelling, prevention, intervention and personalisation in health and care provision
  4. Develop, test and validate new diagnostic tools and digital biomarkers in active collaboration with NHS and commercial partners
  5. Evaluate new health technologies for monitoring and intervention in simulated and real-world settings
  6. Build capacity for digitally-enabled research and innovation and better-equip and empower health and care professionals and the public with digital skills
  7. Work with partners to support the transformation of research into products and services
  8. Develop and evaluate digitally-enabled care pathways

Digital Health and Care

Big data and AI has the potential to transform health and care.

We are already working with Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation to develop personalised digital surgical pathways. We analyse data streams across the surgical journey to improve patient safety, reduce harm to patients and enhance post-surgery outcomes.

To unluck the full potential of digital health and care, different groups need to come together:

  • researchers
  • commercial partners
  • clinicians
  • patients and participants

Together we will develop new, scalable, approaches to improving quality of life. We will achieve this through discovery, development and evaluation of digital approaches to improving health.


The facts

Promoter: Newcastle University

Scale: £45M+ GDV. c. 7000m2

Sectors: academic, office, laboratory, data, digital

Location: southern end of Health Innovation Neighbourhood (pictured)

Investment type: infrastructure, commercial, R&D

Programme: 2023 - 2026 design and build

Planning status: site masterplan approved in principle

Planned uses:

  • research and laboratory spaces
  • public engagement and community space
  • partnership offices
  • innovation suites
    • data and AI
    • health technology
    • non-pharmacological therapy
    • incubator suites
The southern end of the site.
A cross section through the building design.