School of Dental Sciences



Newcastle has taught Medicine since 1834. In 1852, the Newcastle School of Medicine and Surgery joined Durham University.

The site of the first Newcastle Dental Hospital in Nelson Street (1895). This picture was taken in 1955.

New premises on the second floor of the Handyside Arcade, Percy Street (1906).

An image from the Dental School brochure 1910, showing student dentists under instruction at the Percy Street clinic. Many potential army recruits turned down for 'dental insufficiency' were treated to be rendered 'dentally fit'.

The conservation room in the 1930s, where teeth were saved by treatments such as fillings and crowning.

New, larger premises at the Sutherland Dental School in Northumberland Street (1948).

A dental student learns skills on a 'phantom head' circa 1965.

A busy teaching clinic in the Sutherland Dental School, circa 1966. No-one is wearing gloves or face masks.

Plans for a new building sited between Richardson Road and Framlington Place, 1974. Framlington Place is depicted on the left of the image.

The current School and Hospital nearing completion in 1978. This is the view from Richardson Road showing ample car parking.

The spacious new phantom head room, where students learn techniques on mannequins, circa 1978. You can see the current refurbishment of this room by taking a virtual tour of our clinical skills facility.

State-of-the-art clinical facilities circa 1978, complete with pot plants for a homely feel. You can see how we currently equip our clinical spaces by taking our virtual tours.

Dental education started in Newcastle in 1895.  Six dentists founded the original Dental School and Hospital.  It was opened in Nelson Street by the Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne on April 22 1895. Its purpose was 'to give gratuitous (dental) treatment to the necessitous poor'.

College of Medicine

The Dental School and Hospital became affiliated with the College of Medicine in 1911. The University of Durham started an examination for the Licence in Dental Surgery. Degrees in Bachelor of Surgery (BDS), Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) and Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) followed.


Break from Durham

King's College

In 1937, the College of Medicine (including Dentistry), united with the Science-based Armstrong College. They formed King's College, University of Durham – all based in the City of Newcastle. King’s College broke away from Durham University in 1963. It became part of Newcastle University.


The School of Dental Sciences and Dental Hospital occupied city-centre locations from 1895. It moved to its current, purpose-built premises on Richardson Road in 1978. 

University and Hospital functions integrate in the current building. We link physically and administratively to the Medical School. The School of Dental Sciences is one of four academic Schools within the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Royal Victoria Infirmary

The Dental Hospital became part of the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) and Associated Hospitals Trust in 1992. The Trust embarked on major rebuilding, along with the Faculty of Medical Sciences. 

It has created perhaps the most modern and integrated medical/dental campus in the country. In 1998, the RVI and Freeman hospitals merged to form the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust.

Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Dental Hospital now forms an important part of one of the biggest and best-rated teaching hospitals nationally. Care Quality Commission inspectors rate it outstanding.