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An informal look at the School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University.

Our Latest Blogs

Your exam period and how to manage it...

The exam period can be a daunting and stressful time. We have put together a collection of resources designed to support you through your exam period.

Meet our Equality Diversity and Inclusion Director...

Dr Hawa Fathi talks about her role as EDI Director within the Dental School, the impact of EDI and how to get more involved.

A career in paediatric dentistry...

Considering a career in paediatric dentistry…Professor Paula Waterhouse shares her experiences in the field and insights into her inspiring career.

Dental Elective in Nepal

What to expect from a dental elective? Hari Patel embarked on a trip to Nepal earlier this year, read about his experiences on elective.

Happiness is...

Happiness is a re-connected community of practice

My PhD Experience

Dr Chris Dowson on his time at Newcastle Dental Sciences

Meet Some of our Student Volunteers!

Giving thanks to some of our student volunteers and the wonderful work they do, for National Volunteers' Week 2022.

Early Career Researchers’ Study Day

British Society for Oral and Dental Research (BSODR) Early Career Researchers’ (ECR) study day

How a passion led me to COP26

Inhibiting oral biofilms using bioengineering

Committees: Why get involved?

The impact being in a comittee can have, both personally and professionally.

Becoming a Peer Mentor - Millie Samways

What is involved in being a Peer Mentor?

A multidisciplinary adventure

Combining research in oral health, computational science and engineering explained through animation

Extractions, emotions and me!

Life as a Clinical Fellow in Newcastle School of Dental Sciences

Pain in the face!

Pain in the face, and especially around the jaw can be a big problem.

Life as an international PhD student

Moving to a new country can be a leap into the unknown. Read Nontawat's account of his move to Newcastle

My first IADR - Greta Cervinskyte

Research conferences can be daunting to the uninitiated

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