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PhD Programmes

Our research community welcomes students seeking to contribute to the next big research questions.

Excellent training in becoming a researcher

Our PhD programmes offer excellent training in becoming a researcher. We have a comprehensive training programme. It's supported by our Graduate School in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

We offer a range of oral health research areas to study that align with our groups.

Translational Oral Biosciences

We have opportunities for PhD studies in our core research areas, including:

  • Microbial communications/antimicrobial resistance
  • Biofilm biology:cellular physiology and microbes-materials interactions
  • Inflammatory processes and biomarkers in oral disease
  • Cholinergic signalling and its roles in oral health and disease
  • The clinical interface of dental materials science
  • Mechanisms of oral carcinogenesis and biomarker development
  • Tobacco and e-cigarettes: impacts on cellular physiology, microbiology and dental materials
Dental school researcher looks through microscope.

Applied Oral Health Research

We offer PhD Programmes in:

  • Factors that support self-management in people with persistent pain
  • Urgent dental care and acute dental pain
  • Non-pharmacological management of dental anxiety
  • Oral health education and promotion among vulnerable groups
  • Disease prevalence among vulnerable groups
  • The economy of dental care provision and the ethical impacts of care systems upon dental professionals
Researchers in the dental school analyse an x-ray.

Dental Education Research

We have opportunities for PhD and MPhil studies in:

  • Professionalism in dental education
  • Regulatory requirements in relation to dentistry
  • Understanding outcomes of competency in clinical education
  • Simulation - effectiveness in developing competence
  • Training in oral health advice and the long term impact on patient health
  • Understanding the equality, diversity and inclusion issues facing students and developing educational programmes to support
  • Short/medium term impact of COVID-19 on dental education
Supervising a dental student in performing a procedure.

Contact us

Our School Postgraduate Research Student Coordinator for Dental Sciences is Ralf Kist.

He's happy to answer any of your questions.

You can contact him and download our Postgraduate guide.

Find out more information on fees and funding opportunities for our PhD Programmes.


Ralf Kist