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Teaching Resources

Our dental school is well-resourced with expert, approachable staff and up-to-date equipment.

Enriching the learning environment

We are in one of the most spacious and best-equipped dental facilities in the UK. Teaching staff include:

  • top-level research scientists
  • University and NHS-based clinical academics
  • experienced clinicians from general practice

It's a blend of individuals that enrich the learning environment.


Our teachers contribute to the scientific evidence that underpins our teaching and our teachers are active clinicians.

They hold combined University and NHS appointments. The quality of our teaching is a top priority. Our staff have won national and international recognition, including:

  • National Teaching Fellowships
  • Dental Defence Union National Dental Teacher of the Year awards
  • Distinguished Scientist awards

The latter came from the International Association for Dental Research. It recognises research excellence. The high quality of our teaching is very much driven by our research.

A clinician demonstrates practical skills to a student while working with a patient.

Integrated teaching and hospital

We work in one of the largest integrated teaching and hospital complexes in the UK.  

Our dental school and hospital are in the same building. We link directly to the Medical School and Royal Victoria Infirmary teaching hospital. 

We update our clinical skills training facilities and our clinical areas regularly.

Student reflection resource

A huge asset at the disposal of our teachers and tutors is the Newcastle iDentity eportfolio. Here, we:

  • keep a record of clinical performance
  • encourage confidential reflection
  • conceive action plans
  • record extracurricular and voluntary activity

The iDentity eportfolio is an exemplary innovation in student support.

Students looking at extracted teeth.