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Engagement and Partnerships

Our purpose is to achieve mutual beneficial engagement with partners and communities. We want to achieve this in dental education and research.

Working with partners and the community

Working with our partners and communities, we aim to:

  • widen access to dental education and research
  • ensure our research meets the needs of those who will benefit
  • increase our value and impact in the local community
  • increase the reach of our value and impact beyond our local place

Volunteer patients and free dental care

A huge part of our work is providing much-needed dental care for our local community. This contributes to our student training.

This takes place in the Dental School and Hospital, and in clinics around the city, including:

  • Arthur’s Hill
  • Byker
  • Kenton and Walker

Our need for new patients varies. We can’t guarantee to take everybody who applies.

One benefit of care in a student clinic is volunteer patients get free dental treatment.