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Our team of highly professional actors and trainers provide unique expertise in the planning, designing and delivery of personalised, cost-effective communication skills training.

Tailored and realistic scenarios

roleplaynorth aims to help you understand the theory of good communication. We use realistic scenarios to help your team transition, so they're ready to apply the findings in practice.

We tailor scenarios to your requirements, combining learning with fun in a safe and supportive environment.

A session from roleplaynorth can enhance activities like conferences, meetings and workshops. We can also help in the development of e-learning materials, lectures, seminars and assessment materials.

Range of services

roleplaynorth provides the following services:

  • roleplayer and trainer hire
  • filming of training sessions to produce video and online course materials
  • production of scripts and scenarios for roleplayers
  • bespoke design and delivery of communication skills workshops
  • delivery of organisational training programmes
  • connecting educationalists and technologists

Excellent reputation

We cover a huge range of training situations within primary and tertiary health and social care. We also focus on educational settings, and public and private sector organisations.

This innovative service has an excellent reputation and is the only one of its kind in the North of England.


These services can help you to:

  • experience real life scenarios in a safe and confidential environment
  • explore your own emotional responses
  • challenge your communication skills
  • try new strategies for dealing with different situations
  • work with supportive, friendly, experienced professionals
  • test innovative and interactive approaches to communication