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Postgraduate Student Experiences

Testimonies from postgraduate research students in the School of Medicine

"I am currently undertaking a full time PhD in the School of Medicine, and I would highly recommend the programme to anyone who is considering it.

My background is as a paediatric trainee doctor, and I am studying as part of an Out Of Programme experience from my clinical training in the South-East of Scotland.

I have relished the opportunity to pursue my research interests in undergraduate medical education, specifically investigating students’ learning experiences during their clinical placements."

"I chose to study at Newcastle following my own learning experiences while completing the post-graduate certificate in medical education there. The professionalism, creativity and supportiveness of the department gave me the confidence to take my studies to the next level, and I remain extremely satisfied with the quality of supervision I receive from a great team. Most post-graduate students would probably agree that this is pivotal in terms of feeling well supported and achieving success as a student, and I would certainly recommend the Newcastle University School of Medical Education for this reason."

"I am a full time PhD student at Newcastle University. Which has an outstanding reputation for academic excellence, which makes it a great opportunity for a PhD student. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from King Saud University at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and now I work as a demonstrator at a clinical pharmacy department in King Saud University. Interprofessional education plays an important role in pharmacy education, which encouraged me to do this full time PhD in collaboration between the School of Pharmacy and the School of Medicine at Newcastle University. My research project is about Interprofessional education with undergraduate health care students, specifically pharmacy and medical students."

"Here at Newcastle University, I always get continuous support from my supervisors besides any training I need for my project. In addition, I get to study in a comfortable environment among helpful colleagues. These factors are important to a successful PhD journey."