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Our Research

We're committed to generating high-quality research in clinical education, medical education, and medical sciences education.

Our work

The School of Medicine supports an active hub of research and scholarship activities. Our work supports evidence-based innovation in teaching and learning strategies, as well as informing and shaping the practice needs and training opportunities of the modern clinical workforce.

Newcastle has a leading reputation in medical education research across the UK and internationally.

Career Development in Research

We are passionate about developing careers in clinical education research. Our research interests cover a wide range of areas and we offer research opportunities to undergraduate students, and those interested in taking a higher degree (MD or Ph.D.)

The School of Medicine and School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University host the NIHR Incubator for Clinical Education. This network supports career development of talented clinicians with interest in this area.

Research Management

If you are conducting research within the School of Medicine you need to adhere to the University governance and policies related to research.