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Apply to Medicine

Thank you for considering an application to study Medicine at Newcastle University.

We help you thrive

We provide a stimulating and supportive environment where students can thrive. They will become excellent clinicians with a thorough understanding of medicine. We ensure that our students meet the necessary standards for graduates as set out by the General Medical Council.

As a prospective medical student, it's important that you research the medical school options available to you. This ensures that medicine is the right career path for you. It's also important that your choice of medical school fits with your learning style and ambitions.

Application Guidance

Before applying you should consider whether you:

  • meet the entry requirements
  • know and understand how we deliver the programme
  • know what student support systems we offer
  • are aware how existing and past students rate the programme and University
  • understand what the competition for places is like

Our graduates receive an MBBS degree before proceeding to provisional registration with the GMC.

Most medical schools need applicants to have had some work experience and to be able to show a commitment to caring. At Newcastle we do not have any specific work experience requirements, but at interview our selectors will be looking for examples of how applicants have shown a commitment to caring.

We realise that identifying suitable work experience in a primary and/or secondary care setting can be difficult, but there are many ways you can show us that you are a committed and caring individual, such as helping someone less fortunate or volunteering in a hospice nursery or elderly care home.

Please note that Newcastle University is unable to arrange work experience. You must arrange this through the relevant trust:

The Medical Schools Council provides information on work experience for medical school applications.

Selection Process

The selection process involves many steps, carried out between September and March in each admissions cycle. Please click on the video for more information on the MBBS Selection Process.

For 2023 entry we interviewed almost 1,100 applicants between December 2022 and February 2023.

All decisions are processed through UCAS. Each decision has to be processed individually; therefore, it takes a number of weeks for us to complete this part of the process. All decisions are made in line with UCAS deadlines.

For 2024 entry, following UCAT screening, we will be inviting candidates to interview, please see the below "Interviews" section for format.


Admissions Policy

Every year we update our MBBS Admissions Policy. We make this available to prospective students, helping them to prepare for the admission process.

We are fair, open and transparent to all applicants who apply to us.

Widening Participation

We are fundamentally committed to widening participation in higher education at Newcastle University. Our aim is to encourage and support all students, regardless of their background, to fulfil their potential. We are committed to equality of opportunity and diversity for anyone interested in a career in Medicine.

We are proud to offer a range of widening access schemes for Medicine, helping to make our commitment a reality.


PARTNERS is our flagship access scheme offering a supported entry route into Newcastle University. It is open to all students from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who fulfil widening participation eligibility criteria.

Participating students receive a lower conditional offer, up to three A Level grades (or equivalent) below the typical offer, and a comprehensive programme of support from application to graduation and beyond. Offer is dependent on UCAT and interview score.

Realising Opportunities

Realising Opportunities (RO) is a unique collaboration of research-intensive universities working together to promote fair access and social mobility of students from groups underrepresented in higher education. In order to be eligible to apply for RO, students must meet certain widening participation criteria.

Participating students receive a dual offer. This dual offer consists of a typical offers as well as an alternative RO offer of: up to two A Level grades (or equivalent) lower than the standard offer. Offer is dependent on UCAT and interview score.

Pathways to Medicine

Pathways to Medicine is a scheme delivered by Newcastle University, in collaboration with the Sutton Trust, to help students who are interested in a career in medicine. The scheme comprises of a comprehensive programme of academic and medicine specific support including work experience and online mentoring. It is open to students in the North-East of England who meet certain widening participation eligibility criteria.

Participating students receive a lower conditional offer, of three A Level grades (or equivalent) below the typical offer. Offer is dependent on UCAT and interview score.

Contextual Offers

At Newcastle University, we consider student achievements in the context of their circumstances when assessing applications. Our Undergraduate Admissions Team will use certain contextual data from your UCAS form, alongside your application, to take into account challenges that you may have faced in your education and the potential effect this may have had on your qualifications.

If you are eligible, you may receive a contextual offer, which will be two grades lower than the typical offer for the programme to which you have applied. Offer is dependent on UCAT and interview score.