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Communication Skills Training

This training is primarily delivered by a group of specialist role-players. It can take the form of a workshop or one-to-one coaching.


roleplaynorth has a team of expert roleplayers and trainers. They cover a wide range of training topics including:

  • breaking bad news
  • tackling mental health issues
  • dealing with dental emergency situations

They have a many customers, including Health Education North East and the local NHS trusts.

I've found roleplaynorth to be invaluable in presenting real life situations to trainees in a believable and supportive fashion, and for providing skilled assistance in the training for communication skills.

Dr. David Milligan, Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Newcastle University

Training sessions

These sessions can help you to:

  • experience real life scenarios in a safe and confidential environment
  • explore your own emotional responses
  • challenge your communication skills
  • try new strategies for dealing with different situations
  • work with supportive, friendly, experienced professionals
  • test innovative and interactive approaches to communication