School of Medical Education

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

This training is primarily delivered by roleplaynorth. It can take the form of a workshop or one-to-one coaching.

roleplaynorth has a team of expert roleplayers and trainers who can cover a wide range of training topics including:

  • breaking bad news
  • tackling mental health issues
  • dealing with dental emergency situations

roleplaynorth has a range of customers, including Health Education North East and the local NHS trusts.

Training sessions

These sessions can help you to:

  • experience real life scenarios in a safe and confidential environment
  • explore your own emotional responses
  • challenge your communication skills
  • try new strategies for dealing with different situations
  • work with supportive, friendly, experienced professionals
  • test innovative and interactive approaches to communication

Further information

For more information, contact Roleplaynorth directly.