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Elective placements are an important part of the medical school curriculum.

Incoming Electives

We are pleased to announce that we are currently accepting students for their 2022 Electives, with the exception of May to August*

We believe that elective placements are an important part of undergraduate medical training and as such, we are proud to be able to offer students a wide range of exciting elective opportunities, in numerous specialities, across many hospitals within the Newcastle and the wider Northern region.

While we do not charge tuition fees for an elective, there is a non-refundable administration fee of £200**

Applicants are also required to complete a Health Screening with our Occupational Health Service. The fees for this may vary and are assessed on an individual basis however, students are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £10 toward their screening costs (approximately three months prior to attending for an elective). A list of possible additional charges can be found in Appendix B of our ‘Incoming Elective Policy’.

Applications MUST be made at least 6 months prior to your elective start date and we are only able to accept placements of 4 or 8 weeks in length. Please note that Elective dates must start on a Monday.

When completing your application form you will need to submit pre-prepared documents as part of the online application process. If you are unable to upload the documents at the time of completing your application, please submit them via email as soon as possible. We are unable to provide you with a formal offer letter unless we receive all relevant documentation. These documents should include a letter from your Dean with your Dean’s Stamp and Signature. The template for this can be found below.

For more information, please see our Incoming Electives Policy.


*Due to the current pandemic and continued pressures on the NHS, the decision has been made not to accept Elective students between May and August. We will however honour any current placements between May and August where a supervisor has been agreed and an official offer letter sent and signed.

 **Please note that the administration fee is payable within 7 working days of returning your signed offer letter. (We will send you a formal offer letter after we have received your application, confirmation of a supervisor and all of the required supporting documentation). Please do not send a cheque with your application.


You can access our Incoming Elective Policy, Dean’s Letter Template and Application Form below.

Outgoing Electives

At the end of Year 4, all students will undertake an 8 week period of elective study. This is the ultimate opportunity to exercise student choice and allows you to study almost any subject in almost any politically safe part of the world.

Approximately two-thirds of the year group use this opportunity to go overseas, with destinations being as far-reaching as Mongolia, Samoa and Cambodia. However, approximately a third of our students elect to remain in the UK and are equally able to gain rewarding and exciting opportunities within their chosen specialism.

The Medical School provides a number of opportunities during Year 3 and Year 4, for you to hear information relating to health and safety and other aspects of elective travel, prior to you starting your elective.

While the elective is a student led component in which we expect you to independently research and apply for elective opportunities, we do offer help and advice in support of your application process. Our students are able to access information such as a FAQ sheet, information about past elective host institutes and elective opportunities via our internal student system the ‘Medical Learning Environment’ (MLE).

The elective can be one of the most exciting and motivating periods of medical training and we look forward to supporting you in your chosen Elective placement.