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German Studies

German Studies

A welcoming community and friendly department. We offer research and teaching expertise about the rich, inspiring and challenging legacies of the German-speaking world.

Passionate, research-inspired teaching

In the School of Modern Languages, we're passionate about all aspects of German, Austrian, and Swiss cultures. We provide cutting-edge language pedagogy and put research-inspired teaching at the heart of our degree programmes.

You'll join a culture of critical thinking. We'll encourage you to question:

  • received opinions
  • ideologies
  • intellectual comfort zones

You'll learn to reflect on the importance of cultural differences.

German modernist building

Undergraduate study

Degrees in German or with a German component are in high demand in a wide range of professions. Studying languages at university provides enriching cultural and intellectual experiences enabling you to pursue interesting and promising careers.

We offer an extensive and flexible choice of subject combinations. For example, you can: combine French with Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese; or study French with Business or Linguistics.

Masters' Degrees

Take your language study further. If you enjoy translating and interpreting, you can apply to study our Professional Translation for European Languages MA

We also offer Masters' degrees in Film and Linguistics. The Linguistics MA is administered by the School of English.

Postgraduate Research

We offer a one-year German MLitt research degree that allows you to focus on a particular area of German studies.

We also offer research degrees in Translation Studies and Film Studies.

Our MPhil and PhD research programmes allow you to specialise in German. You can also specialise in translating and interpreting.


We offer three MPhil and PhD programmes:

Extra-curricular activities

You'll have lots of opportunities outside of the classroom to improve your spoken German, immerse yourself in German culture and reinforce your language studies.

The DAAD Lektor organises a wide range of activities such as:

  • a regular Filmabend
  • an annual Weihnachtsfeier
  • monthly get-togethers of staff and students over a beer at the German Stammtisch

Past students produced their own film about German-British cultural encounters in a film workshop.

Newcastle's independent Tyneside Cinema frequently shows films from German-speaking countries.

We publish a regular newsletter about our activities.

German Fountain

A snapshot of our history

In the School of Modern Languages we're committed to continuing a proud history of more than a century of teaching German language and culture. We've more than sixty years of an academic curriculum in German Studies.

We've taught German language at Newcastle since the 19th century.

Over the years, more than 90 professors, lecturers and lektors have worked in the German Studies department.

In 2009, we celebrated 50 years since the first Chair of German Studies was introduced at Newcastle University. Take a look at:

the full list of German Lecturers, 1959-2000

our 50 Years Celebrations flyer

the celebratory issue of our German Newsletter, May 2009

Some of our alumni submitted accounts of life in the school 50 years ago. Hear from:

Ludwig Scharbau

Anthony Waine

Anthony Stanforth