Supergen Energy Networks Hub

Annual Conference September 2023

Annual Conference: September 2023

Thanks to everyone for attending our Annual Conference in London

Thanks to Minister Bowie who was unfortunatly unable to attend on the day but sent through a recorded address which is available to view.

Over 150 delegates from Academia and Industry were able to join us at the Royal Academy of Engineering, London for our Annual Conference. 

The welcome slides and event brochure containing the full agenda are available to view.

Without a doubt, participation at the Supergen conference will significantly impact on my research. By engaging with a community of experts and policymakers at the conference, I had the opportunity to gain valuable perspectives and established collaborative networks.  

Poster Prizes

Thanks to everyone who brought and displayed posters at the conference. 
Prizes were awared to:

(1)Kumar Debnath (Newcastle University)
(2)Jethro Browell (Strathclyde University)
(3)Wei Gan (Cardiff University)

Poster Prizes

Conference Presentations

We received presentations from Academia and Industry including colleagues who have been funded through our Flexible Funding scheme which has been running throughout the project lifecycle.

Mission Presentations

We will use a mission driven approach in phase 2 of the Supergen Energy Networks Hub.  Colleagues presented:

  • Energy Network Solutions for Net Zero Whole Systems Futures
  • Energy Network Solutions for Large-Scale Net Zero Energy Systems
  • Energy Networks for Regional and Local Low Carbon Energy Systems

Large-Scale Net Zero

To fast track the integration and utilisation of large-scale renewable and low-carbon energy conversion and its use by energy-intensive sectors through holistic network investment and coordinated zero-carbon system operation.

Presentation by Furong Li (Bath University), Edgar Strugar (Bath University) and Gabriel Griffin-Booth (National Gas)

Regional & Local Low Carbon

To transform regional and local energy networks into active drivers of the Net Zero transition which integrate local energy sources and users, facilitate rapid behavioural and technological changes, and empower active energy communities.

Presentation by Martin Freer (Birmingham University) and Victor Sellwood (Siemens)

Net Zero Whole Systems Futures

To develop roadmaps of energy network solutions up to 2028, 2035 and 2050, to drive and accelerate a just whole-system transition to Net Zero, combining cross-sectoral situational awareness, investment, planning and operation of integrated energy networks.

Presentation by Jianzhong Wu - Cardiff University