Supergen Energy Networks Hub


Interactive Database of Multi-Vector Energy Networks Demonstrators (beta version)

Demonstrators are physical sites showcasing new technologies. They are vital to both the academic and commercial world because they test, at scale and under real-world conditions, new technologies and solutions. 

As part of the research activities under the Supergen Energy Networks Hub, Cardiff University researchers - Dr Sathsara Abeysinghe and Dr Muditha Abeysekera - have developed a research database of existing Multi-Vector Energy Networks Demonstrators. Currently, the database stores information from over 60 multi-vector energy networks demonstrators in and outside of the United Kingdom. These numbers will continue to grow as more information is received from collaborations through Supergen Energy Networks Hub community, academic and industrial partners. 

The database contains information about

  • the location;
  • spatial scale; 
  • types of energy vectors available (e.g. Electricity, Natural gas, District heating, etc.); 
  • multi-energy power generation technologies and energy-vector coupling technologies present(e.g. wind turbines, solar PV, CHP units); 
  • investment;
  • funding bodies and leading organisations and 
  • technological as well as commercial concepts being tested in each demonstrator. 

The database also collates links to various reports, data sets and publications that provide further information of studies carried out.

To make the information accessible to the energy networks community, Dr Abeysinghe created an interactive web interface for the database through the Microsoft Power bi platform. The database is, therefore, a great source of detailed and accessible information for anyone who wants to find out where the latest technology is being tested.

If you have information about energy networks demonstrators which are not included in this database and are happy to share, please you this online form to provide this information’

Information on how to embed a powerbi report/dashboard on a website as well as a tutorial on powerbi is available.

For more information please contact: Sathsara Abeysinghe