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EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Flex Fund

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EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks £800,000 Flex Fund

The Supergen Energy Networks (SEN) Hub brings together the vibrant and diverse energy networks community to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions and inter-dependencies of Energy Networks.  Led by Professor Phil Taylor, the Hub integrates a wide range of industrial and academic partners with other energy network stakeholders. 

Current energy networks research does not fully embrace a whole systems approach.  In response to this the SEN Hub’s core research programme will investigate the physical multi-vector energy network infrastructure, markets and regulation, policy and society, ICT and data and risk and uncertainty as critical elements to modernise and integrate the infrastructures effectively.

In April 2019 we announced the launch of our £800,000 Flex Fund to provide support to the UK energy systems research sector.  This support will be awarded through a series of funding methods over the four-year programme of the Hub via:

  • Responsive mode funding
  • Directed funding calls

The consortium comprises seven leading academics across six UK academic institutions working closely with industrial and academic partners, namely Newcastle University, Bristol University, University of Bath, Cardiff University, University of Leeds and University of Manchester.    

Supergen Energy Networks Hub

Second Flex Fund Call (Resilience)

The EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub is delighted to announce the award of funding to 3 research projects, at a total cost of awards of £311,896.  This follows a competitive round of Flex Fund applications from researchers across the UK. The standard of applications was very high with an excellent cross-vector response.

We received 37 Expressions of Interest from 21 Institutions nationally and invited 20 applicants to submit a full proposal.  Following an extensive review process, moderation meeting and ratification it was agreed to fund a total of 3 projects. 

We will be funding the following 3 projects, subject to contract, which sees the Hub expand its collaborations to include Management Science, Energy Meteorology as well as welcoming another University and we look forward to working with them all in the future.

Credible routes to GB electricity system collapse and the impact of new demand
CLEARHEADS: CLimate-Energy modelling for Assessing Resilience – HEAt Decarbonisation and the Northwest European Supergrid
A real time resilience assessment framework for integrated energy systems in future UK cities

If you have any queries concerning any aspect of this call please contact the Supergen Energy Networks Hub Co-ordinator Linda Ward at or call 0191 208 7704.