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EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Flex Fund

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EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks £800,000 Flex Fund

The Supergen Energy Networks Hub provides a focus for a whole systems approach to energy networks research in the UK and around the world.  The Hub works with industry and academica alongside other energy network stakeholders. In April 2019 we announced the launch of our £800,000 Flex Fund to provide support to UK energy systems research sector.

This support will be awarded through a series of funding methods over the four-year programme of the Hub via:-

  • Responsive mode funding
  • Directed funding call 
Supergen Energy Networks Hub

Launch of the first funding call

The first £250,000 call invited proposals from Early Career Researchers, i.e. those nearing the end of their PhD or having recently taken up their first academic position or Fellowship (full-time or part-time), based at a UK Higher Education Institution or other organisation eligible to hold Research Council awards.

Aims of this first call 

The first call will expand the institutions collaborating with the Supergen Hub. We requested proposals that added value to the work already underway and provide one or more of the following criteria:

  • Extend or enhance the SEN Hub’s research programme
  • Link to other significant UKRI energy research investments
  • Address current research gaps within the energy networks field
  • Introduce new organisations to the Supergen Hub consortium
  • Introduce new skills, disciplines, and researchers to the Supergen Hub consortium
  • Develop the skills of researchers working in this domain
  • Introduce activities to maximise public engagement and awareness
Status update: Successful Proposals Announced
Supergen Energy Networks Hub consortium

If you have any queries concerning any aspect of this call please contact the Supergen Energy Networks Hub Co-ordinator Linda Ward at or call 0191 208 7704.