Supergen Energy Networks Hub



Our Mission, Stakeholders and Research Approach

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Supergen Energy Networks Hub

The Hub, led by Director, Professor Phil Taylor and Deputy Director, Dr Sara Walker, provide leadership, research, and networking for the energy networks community.  

Hub's Mission

Despite their vital importance to the UK's energy sector, industry and society, there is no current whole systems approach to studying the interconnected and interdependent nature of energy network infrastructure and the challenges it faces. The Hub has established a vibrant, well-connected, diverse, open and communicative energy networks community with a deeper understanding of whole systems approaches to energy networks.


The Hub integrates a wide range of stakeholders while complementing national and international investments in energy networks, allowing all stakeholders to fully exploit opportunities in the sector.

Research Approach

Each of the Supergen Energy Networks Co-investigators leads on key strands of the Hub's activities, as listed below: 

  • Leadership and Engagement 
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Industry
  • Demonstrators and Experimentation 
  • International Horizon Scanning
  • Early Career researchers 

For more information on our research team, please see Our Team page

The research component of the Hub's activities comprises an interconnected and complementary series of work packages (WP). 

Hub Consortium