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Academic Posters

Find out how to make an academic poster including different types of structure, style and content.

What is an academic poster?

Academic posters are a visual form of communicating academic research, projects or literature reviews that often combine elements of text, diagrams and other media to convey ideas as effectively as possible. They have traditionally been used in hard science disciplines (such as medicine, physics or biology), but producing academic posters is becoming increasingly common within social sciences and arts and humanities disciplines as well. Academic posters are usually presented at conferences, exhibitions or networking events and you may be expected to accompany the poster to discuss your work, answer questions and provide additional information.

How to create an academic poster 

If you’ve been asked to produce an academic poster and haven’t made one before, it can be hard to know where to begin. These pages will lead you through some of the principles of academic posters, what design choices are available to you and how these choices might impact your audience.

When designing an academic poster there are three broad areas to consider. Find out more about each of these areas including examples using the links below.


Creating Academic Posters using PowerPoint

One tool you can use to create an academic poster is PowerPoint. Our video outlines the key features of PowerPoint used in poster design and helps you to develop technical skills which will support your poster composition. 

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