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Online and in-person one-to-one appointments with the Library Liaison or Academic Skills Team.

One-to-one appointments

There are two teams within the Library who can help you develop the skills you need for your studies and research. The Academic Skills Team and Library Liaison Team have slightly different remits and areas of expertise but work together to ensure you have the individual support you need. 

A one-to-one appointment with the Academic Skills Team allows you to discuss issues related to your studies and learning, from research planning and time management to revision, drafting and editing your writing. We are experts in helping you develop the academic skills you will need for your programme.

A one-to-one appointment with a librarian from the Library Liaison Team will help you find, evaluate, manage and reference the information you need for your studies. We are experts in helping you develop skills to use the Library, and information sources effectively.

If you’re not sure which team is best placed to help with your questions, send us an email and we will direct you to the most suitable support. 

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