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Evaluating Information

Evaluating Information

Discover ways to critically evaluate the information you find.

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Learning how to critically evaluate information sources is not only a key academic attribute  but a useful life skill. You need to be selective and consider potential issues around the authority and accuracy of the information you find.  This will help you to make informed decisions about the quality of the information, its reliability and what role it could play within your studies.

Evaluating information is about having a critical and curious approach, and asking questions is a simple way to start. When evaluating a resource, look to establish the authority, relevance, currency, reliability, accuracy, and purpose of the information.

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Fake news

With the massive proliferation of news and information via social media and other channels, claims and discussion about fake news have grown exponentially. As a university student, it is crucial to arm yourself against such misinformation.

Develop your resistance to fake news, learn how to spot misinformation, and explore ways to check the facts with these resources.