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Inspera Digital Exams

Inspera Digital Exams

Inspera Assessment is the University’s Digital Exam system used for present-in-person secure online assessments. Your module team will inform you if you have an Inspera digital exam.

Exams will be scheduled in a University PC cluster. When the exam timetable is confirmed, you can check your exam location. 

Taking an Exam

Your live exam will be accessed through Canvas, and full instructions will be provided on the day.

Most question types will be straightforward to navigate and answer; however, you may be asked to type an answer to a short or long essay question. There is specific guidance on the tools available within the essay question type which you should familiarise yourself with. 

One of the most common concerns with typing essay answers is the possibility of losing work or overtyping. The essay question in Inspera is designed to deal with this and there is guidance on how to refer to back up versions of your answer.

Demo Exam

Inspera Digital Exams are accessed through Canvas. To help you prepare for your assessment, you can try out a demo exam via Canvas. Module teaching teams may also make subject-specific practice exams available in your Canvas courses.

If you require support accessing these demo exams or encounter technical difficulties please contact or

Inspera Take Home Exams

There is no requirement to download any software to take an Inspera Take Home Exam. The exam will be accessed through Canvas.

Please familiarise yourself with the Inspera Take Home Exam Student Instructions.