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Accessing your Assignment Feedback via Canvas

Find out how to access feedback on your assignments.

This guide details how students should access feedback on assignments submitted through Canvas.  

Step 1 - Access your assignment

To get your assignment feedback in your Canvas course, click the ‘Assignments’ option from the navigation menu. Click the assignment title that you wish to view feedback for.


Newcastle University uses two main assignment mechanisms:

Option A: Canvas Assignment

Option B: Turnitin Assignment

Step 2 - Identify your assignment type

Open the two drop down areas below to identify your assignment type - this is determined by the screen you are presented with. Do not attempt to access feedback from the to-do list in Canvas.

Step 3 - Using your feedback

Once you have found your feedback, head on over to the ‘Understanding and Interpreting your Feedback’ page.

Accessing feedback via the Canvas app?

If you are accessing your assignment feedback via the Canvas app, the screens you are presented with may look slightly different, but please be assured that the process of accessing feedback is similar.