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Reading and Note-taking

Experiment with different approaches to academic reading and note-taking.

Whatever subject you’re studying, you will be doing a lot of reading to help broaden your knowledge and deepen your understanding. Reading academic texts for study and research purposes is a complex, high level process and can be hard work, but developing appropriate strategies for reading and taking notes can help you manage it effectively and efficiently. This section offers an overview of approaches which suit different research purposes and study preferences.



Mapping your ideas

Organising your ideas can seem overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know how to turn a series of ideas into a completed piece of work. In this video one of our PhD students, Nagham explores how to start the process of gathering and organising ideas for an assessment. She also shows different techniques for organising these ideas and shares useful software that can be used in this process. 

Mind map with post it notes

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Recommended books and e-books

For further reading related to reading, browse our specially curated list of resources.

Further help and guidance